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Neurobics Series: Join us on Jan 23rd in Portland

Added on by Cori Champagne.

Open Ground: Wheelbarrows, Backpacks, and Beer

The Collaborative Process and The Bunny Sandwich Collective 

January 23 @ 7 p.m. (Doors open at 6:30) 

Since 2008 the Bunny Sandwich Collective members Sandra Preston 

(Portland, OR) and Cori Champagne (Boston, MA) have worked 

collaboratively on several projects despite living 3000 miles apart.  

This discussion, Open Ground: Wheelbarrows, Backpacks and Beer, 

will focus on the challenges and opportunities particular to working 

within an established long-term partnership, and uses examples from 

their recent show, Provisioning, at Brown University and other BSC 

projects to frame the interactive discussion.  This is a talk for people 

interested in thinking playfully about art from a feminist perspective.